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Visual Storyteller

Some in the audience might be surprised to hear that Nicolas steps way out of his comfort zone to be in the limelight. But, he uses this to his advantage. An anthropologist by profession, he has an acute understanding of all the anxieties that a public speaker has to deal with. Being reflexive in nature, Nicolas has analysed how to communicate effectively and put together a unique package and methodology drawn from many sources and experiences.

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Nicolas loves challenging preconceived notions and conventional wisdom when he feels strongly that it is wrong. He normally begins training with a highly engaging interactive lecture or masterclass around 90 minutes in length. This session will make participants realise that much of what they have done until then, much of what they have been led to believe was right, is in fact very wrong. Nicolas will firmly assert that creating the right content is what makes a speech resonate - and not what we do with our hands or where we stand. He will show his vital storytelling is to that content.

Training normal continues in three core areas that are covered in hands-on workshops:

  • Storytelling: how to develop compelling stories

  • Presenting: how to structure and write a great presentation, pitch or speech

  • PowerPoint: how to master the visuals and use presentation software properly


Nicolas Randall is Adjunct Professor of Visual Storytelling at IE. He has an MBA from Oxford University (2000) and a background in Anthropology and Psychology (BSc Brunel University). He conducted political and business interviews at the highest level and met Hillary Clinton, George Soros and Benyamin Netanyahu, amongst others. Through these interviews he developed a good understanding of how to effectively communicate a story, and sometimes how not to! More recently he has been closely involved in the start up space by creating two start ups, housed within Wayra and working as a visual storytelling mentor for many other start-ups. He lectures on presenting and storytelling as well as consulting leaders and speakers on effective communication. 

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