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Because we hate boring events too!

Whatever the occasion, when you need to address an audience,
we can make that moment a success.
We believe in real preparation, of ourselves, and of you.

Take a look at what we can do for you.


As MC, we will make your event special and memorable


From public speaking and presenting to pitching.

We'll share our skills


A firecracker

Anyone who has seen Helena on stage knows the energy with which she lights up an event. Helena engages the audience almost immediately, makes guest speakers and interviewees feel relaxed and comfortable.

Helena comes prepared with a very carefully crafted script that may look spontaneous (and there is always some improvisation) built from event-specific research and using storytelling methods.

If you want an event presenter that will really make the difference, give Helena a try. 


An emotion architect

Want to learn more about how Helena does what she does? Perhaps you are going to give an important speech yourself. Or maybe you want your organisation or company to improve its communication skills.

This is where Nicolas steps in. Nicolas has extensive experience in visual communications and storytelling and works with people to improve their presentations and pitches.

If you want an inspirational talk or a practical workshop, give Nicolas a try and say goodbye to the dreaded death by PowerPoint.


Synergy and energy: we are very different personalities, but combine perfectly. Helena is a firecracker: impulsive, energetic and passionate. Nicolas is the architect: analytical, creative and methodical. 

Whilst we each offer our services individually, we also work together. Helena up on stage and Nicolas preparing speeches or training speakers. With start up pitching events, for example, Nicolas will work with the teams to refine their pitches. With such detailed knowledge of each start up he is in a great position to prepare the scripts that Helena delivers at the event itself.

Over the years clients like Telefónica, Shell, BBVA, Adecco, Samsung, Vodafone and many others have trusted their communications needs to us.

I can't highlight enough Helena's professionalism and her positive attitude towards everything and everyone (its contagious)

Adrián Garcia-Aranyos

President | Endeavor

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