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The Event Energizer

Helena brings any event to life with her blend of energy, enthusiasm and experience. She is truly comfortable on the stage, and it shows. She makes guests feel at home and audience feel special. But it's not just natural talent, or a sparkling personality. Helena prepares diligently for each event and has all the angles covered.

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Helena has developed her own inimitable style, combining journalism with entertainment. She takes the stage with a deep understanding of the themes to be discussed during the event as well as detailed facts about the speakers and guests. Each of her introductions will have been carefully prepared, fact-checked with the organisers, and memorised for a fluid execution. The result is a presenter that transmits confidence and expertise. 


Helena is a lawyer by profession, but began her career in international business development for a range of prestigious media. She learned how to deal with top CEOs and politicians and how to close big contracts efficiently. After meeting Nicolas they set up Media Minds together in 2003.

With Helena you are guaranteed 100% commitment, enthusiasm and passion.

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