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Case Studies

When we combine our Triple M approach to Helena's skills we create memorable events - the proof is that our clients come back again and again...

French Tech Days Iberia


Media Minds works each year with French Tech Days Iberia. A showcase of French entrepreneurial talent where a selection of leading startups looking to either enter the Spanish market, or establish contacts in Spain, take part in a pitching competition.

Prior to 2020 this event was held in the French Ambassador’s residence in Madrid, although during the pandemic the event was adapted to be fully online. 

We work with the startups several months in advance of the event itself. Nicolas runs a pitching workshop with the participants before working with them on a one-on-one basis to perfect their pitches.

Closer to the event itself Nicolas prepares a script for Helena, as the presenter. Because he has already worked with the startups in detail he knows them well, and knows their pitches. He is ideally placed to write introductions to these projects, without repeating, their speeches. 

Helena refines the script, including these project introductions, so that she is happy with it and then rehearses and memorises it. 

On the day of the event itself there is always an unpredictable element. Despite being very prepared, Helena is very skilled at improvising and adapting to ensure that the event runs successfully.

Big Things Conference

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Media Minds works each year with Big Things, the leading conference on AI and big data. The 2020 edition was held completely online and featured three separate "stages" that were run simultaneously.

Helena was MC in one stage called, The Attic, whilst Nicolas hosted The Garage.

This event was designed for a very knowledgeable and specialist audience requiring, as hosts, the challenge was to maintain this high-level of expertise whilst injecting humour and energy into the event.

Nicolas prepared scripts, at times both he and Helena entered into exchange, at other times they each individually introduced a series of keynote speakers. For this, we created stories from actual events in history or literature that were related to the subjects, but not in an entirely obvious way. The idea was to create a stimulating and refreshing break for the audience between speakers that were largely quite technical and dense.

After each speaker both Helena and Nicolas interviewed each speaker.

Check the Big Things You

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