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Because we hate boring events too!

We believe in real preparation, of ourselves, and of you.


Take a look at what we can do for you.

What are you looking for?


A presenter for an event?


A presentation coach?

I can't highlight enough Helena's professionalism and her positive attitude towards everything and everyone (it's contagious)

Adrián Garcia-Aranyos

President | Endeavor


Helena brings any event to life with her blend of energy, enthusiasm and experience. She is truly comfortable on the stage, and it shows.

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Presenter of more than 400 events

Take a look at some highlights of recent events

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Personal Training

If you are looking training for a specific event, a speech, a presentation or if you simply want to improve you presentation and communications skills in a personal, flexible way... then look no further.

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Who's this for?

It's for you - if you want to be able to communicate effectively. That's it.

What does it involve?

The sessions are uniquely tailored to your level, your needs and your goals. Each sessions lasts around one hour. The first is largely theoretical and from this point on each person's journey is different. The methodology we will use is that taken from Nicolas's book "Be A Presenter God" and is rooted in the belief that if you create the right kind of content, you can succeed - regardless of your personality or delivery.


How many sessions?

Typically participants take between 2 - 10 sessions. But, each case is different. You can never stop learning how to communicate better...

Where do they take place?

Either online or at one of 8 different locations across Madrid. When you book you can choose your preferred location.

How much are they?

Sessions cost €150 per hour.

How do I book?

Simply click the link to book, or contact us first if you have any doubts.


Professor of Storytelling at IE Business School since 2017

Group Training

Nicolas runs workshops and training sessions that have been refined over the years to really deliver results. These can be arranged In English or in Spanish and held either in person or online from Media Minds’s studio.

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Who's this for?

Nicolas works with companies looking to improve the communication skills of its employees. How many times have you sat through a dreadful, brain numbing powerpoint presentation? That will become a thing of the past. After these sessions people will actually WANT to come and listen to your employees’ presentations!

What does it involve?

The training comprises four stages. The training is built around pitching using our own techniques. It’s the perfect training simulation to learn how to develop general speaking and presenting skills.


Stage 1: Pitching Masterclass

In this session we look at the common flaws of most pitches and challenge popular misconceptions about presenting. This is an interactive session filled with experiments, examples and challenges.

  • Online/Offline

  • 90 minutes

  • Unlimited participants

  • English or Spanish

Contact Us to discuss how we can transform your event or presentation skills!

Want to know more, take a look at some actual case studies.

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