Media Minds is at the forefront of designing content in exciting ways for iPads and other tablets.

Our magazine apps that are geared towards, brochures, books, magazines or annual reports have the following features:

Instant fully-functional review
Review layouts, issues and parts of issues on any iPad, anywhere in the world. The only way to know how your design will work for readers is to feel it on the device, under your fingertips.

Two layers of content

We use two layers of content that offer a unique digital canvas that doesn’t constrain your design to the edges of the device’s screen. Text can be free scrolling or move in blocks, and can be turned off to allow fullscreen images on any layout. Layers can even be turned off—the choice is yours.

The most creative options for integrating video, audio and other interactive elements
Videos can be on either layer, scrolling with the text or under text; they can auto-start, go full-screen and disappear when done. You can even make custom control buttons.

Ability to embed HTML elements
Automatic design for both orientations
Layout once and let the user choose. Our ability to “pin” objects to edges means we can control how the layout looks in each orientation without creating twice. Or lock to one orientation on a single page or for the whole issue.

Built in analytics for visibility on how your app is being used
We support multiple analytics systems so you can see exactly what readers are doing inside your app.

Our first published app is Gabon Magazine which van be viewed and downloaded for free to an iPad from the iTunes store here.