National Museum of Damascus

English edition & Arabic edition

DATE: 2005
SIZE: 240 X 290 mm
PAGES: 176

In collaboration with Shell and Petro-Canada, and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Department of Antiquities of Syria, Media Minds is proud to present a unique and beautiful coffee table book on the Highlights of the National Museum of Damascus.

Syria is the "cradle of civilisation" and this fabulous museum houses a fascinating collection that spans several thousands of years.

The book serves as the first proper guidebook to the Museum and presents a selection of the best pieces from each of the Museum's four major sections in a striking and innovative way.

A separate Arabic version of the book was also created. Read from right to left, this entailed a complete repagination of the book.
The book takes the bold step of dividing the Museum's major departments into clear chapters each using one of four colours as a background.

The innovative contents page combines a timeline giving information about the periods in Syria's rich history with page numbers.

The simple and elegant design of the book masks complex layout and photography. Because Media Minds provides an integrated and complete service of publishing and photography, the pieces were photographed once the design for the book was already in place. This allowed us to shoot pieces over specific coloured backgrounds that then matched our layout perfectly.