Syria Revealed

DATE: 2004
SIZE: 295 X 220 mm
PAGES: 128

Syria is a country with a great deal to offer both tourists and investors. However, Syria suffers from a poor image internationally. Not much is known about the country and, unfortunately, Syria is often in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Media Minds found that there was very little good quality published material on Syria and nothing that could do justice to some of the great cultural treasures and natural beauty of the country.
After consultation with the Syrian government and Syrian businessmen, Media Minds began work on a book that would fill this void in a unique and dramatic way.

The result of this work was a stunning photographic book that shows the great beauty and diversity of Syria through both its rich historical side and its modern face.
The text to Syria Revealed is kept to around 80 words a page but each word is carefully considered. Each page can stand alone and contains a text that compliments the photograph, adding to the story with interesting facts without repeating its obvious content.

The content of the book is arranged in a way that reflects the eye of a photographer and done with the intention of creating the most visually attractive format.

There is a map at the end of the book to help situate the reader and identify the location of the images.

The material is organised into fairly abstract chapter headings that breaks with the more traditional method of describing Syria along purely historical or geographical lines.

In this way Syria Revealed portrays the many diverse sides to the country, the modern alongside the traditional.
Each government or private company sponsor of Syria Revealed received a unique version of the finished book to give to customers, partners or friends.

The sponsored versions feature a jacket using a different image selected by the sponsor with the company logo and a corporate text on the inside sleeve of the jacket.

In this way the content of Syria Revealed remained consistent but each sponsor had a personalised version - an ideal corporate gift.