Vivir Valencia | Living Valencia

1st ed
DATE: 2005
SIZE: 330 X 245 mm
PAGES: 156

2nd ed

DATE: 2009
SIZE: 295 X 245 mm
PAGES: 164
"Living Valencia" was published in two versions, one in Spanish (Vivir Valencia) and one in English, by way of a commissioned assignment by the Ayuntamiento (City Council) of Valencia and with the support of the America's Cup 2007.

"Living Valencia" is highly innovative in both concept and content and aims to showcase the people and places of a marvellous city that has undergone a real transformation in the last few years.
"Living Valencia" explores the city using time as its reference.

The book reveals the different aspects of Valencia's people and places in a journey spanning 24 full hours.

Key to the project was that the images should reflect the vision of someone new to the city.

The book was such a success that a reprint was made followed by a revised and updated second edition in 2009.