Mallorca: quatre estacions de cultura

DATE: 2006
SIZE: 245 X 245 mm
PAGES: 128
One year in the making, "Mallorca: quatre estacions de cultura", spans a whole calendar year and is divided into the four seasons of the year.

The aim of the book is to avoid the popular images of Mallorca, namely beaches and nightlife, in order to show that despite the vast number of tourists that visit the island every year, Mallorca has managed to maintan a very distinctive culture with its own traditions in music, gastronomy, dance, language and fiestas.

Photography was produced by Media Minds, and the supporting text consists of poems in Mallorcan language, and by Mallorcan poets, that speak of themes relevant to the images they accompany.

The local government of Mallorca, the Consell de Mallorca, sponsored the book and received copies to use as corporate presents.