Por dentro: Metro de Madrid

DATE: 2008
SIZE: 250 X 310 mm
PAGES: 216
Media Minds discovers all the hidden corners of Metro de Madrid in order to present to the reader one of the best, largest and most efficient metro systems in the world.

Metro de Madrid has more stations than the London Underground and is the most accesible metro by far, way ahead of its rivals in terms of escalators and lifts.

Maintaining this giant system in perfect working order takes thousands of skilled individuals who work around the clock, every day.
Metro de Madrid wanted to show that it is one of the leading transport systems in the world: the most modern, accessible, environmentally friendly and technologically advanced underground network, and do so in a visually dramatic way.

The book combines images of architecture, people and technology and is designed following the Metro de Madrid's colour scheme and branding.

The text is written by Manuel de la Fuente Vidal, leading journalist with ABC.