Teatro Romano de Cartagena

DATE: 2009
SIZE: 250 X 310 mm
PAGES: 216
Originally built in the era of Emperor Augustus, some 2000 years ago, Cartagena's theatre was a typically impressive feat of Roman construction and engineering.

The recently restored Theatre is part of an impressive new Museum that uniquely integrates several buildings surrounding the Theatre itself.

From the beginning, the discovery and excavation of the Roman Theatre of Cartagena has become one of the most amazing finds the town's archaeology, demonstrating the important role that the town of Cartagena played in the history of Old Spain (Hispania Antigua)
The museum is not an only suitable exhibition area, but, in the brilliant design by the architect Rafael Moneo, it allows to take the visitors from La plaza del Ayuntamiento (The Town hall Square) up inside the monument.

This book combines high quality images of the Theatre, the Museum, the exhibits, Cartagena itself and also beautiful plans from the architect's studio.

Unique features of this book include two massive triple page pullouts, one comprising a composition of 8 stitched photographs that provide a highly detailed view of the whole Theatre.

The cover is also unusual in its use of cloth at the top and bottom parts, creating the look and feel of a traditional cloth bound book but giving it a modern twist.