Desafio extremo

DATE: 2009
SIZE: 250 X 300 mm
PAGES: 200
Featuring Jesús Calleja, a famous Spanish adventurer and television presenter, this book chronicles 6 of his best expeditions. Aviva, one of the world's leading insurance companies chose to associate their brand with someone well known for taking a calculated approach to risk.

Jesús Calleja is the well known face of CUATRO's television show, Desafío extremo. In the show, the famous adventurer uses his down-to-earth charm and real survival skills to present a series of extreme challenges: mountain climbing, trekking, swimming with sharks, and so on.

The insurance company Aviva, one of the world's leading brokers, have chosen Calleja for their branding due to his approach to risk: calculated and well prepared. They wanted to encompass some of Calleja's best expeditions in a highly visual and prestigious publication.
The expeditions chosen for the book were:

  • Everest
  • Mount Vinson (Antartica)
  • Kilimanjaro
  • North Pole
  • Zanskar
  • Aconcagua

In each case the text, written in first person by Jesús Calleja himself, describes in detail the difficulties that the team faced and how they were overcome. The images are a mixture of shots taken by the team itself and high quality images from the locations visited taken by several exert landscape photographers.