Media Minds produces digital books for clients that are looking for our renowned photographic quality and design skills but do not need a large print run.

Digital books are ideal for print runs of around 200 copies or less and offer a number of advantages over traditional printing:
  • It is easy to modify copies individually
  • It is cheap to print a few copies extra
  • We can offer the same range of binding options as with traditional printing
Printing quality is excellent, in some cases superior to traditional offset printing due to the wider range of colours that it's possible to reproduce digitally.

We can offer different options of paper, size and finishing in order to create exactly the product required.

The sample shown below was produced to commemorate 15 years of history for the renewable energy company EUFER.
Digital books are also ideal for weddings or to commemorate any personal occasion.

We can produce a tailor-made book at very competitive rates, either as part of a complete photographic package or using images provided by the client.